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Best Mailbox Alerts Review

A mailbox alert system informs you when you have mail. The system is typically attached to the mailbox alert system so it can send the alert when the mailbox is opened. Depending on the type of alert used, the device may be connected to an indoor receiver. Some of these systems include the Mail Chime Wireless Mail Alert System, the Smarthome Mailbox Reminder Notification Alert Wireless Mail Alert System and the SadoTech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Doorbell.

These devices can eliminate unnecessary trips to the mailbox, and those that use audible and LED alerts also provide an additional home security measure. Because these systems alert you when the mailbox is opened, you can know immediately if your mail is being tampered with or stolen outside of delivery hours. This allows you respond immediately and avoid identity theft.

Mailbox Alerts: What to Look For
Using a mailbox alert device can help you invest your time more wisely because instead of waiting for your mail to arrive or constantly going to the mailbox to check to see if it has come, you can focus on other tasks and wait for the alert to signal you. There are a few key features you need to look for when choosing this type of mail notification system for your mailbox sensor, including range, alert type and wireless capability.

While this mailbox alert system can be used for a wide range of alert-related options, it can be used as a mailbox alert. By installing the motion sensor near the mailbox, you can detect when a mail carrier or delivery person approaches your mailbox by the indoor receiver.

The sensor included with this mail alert system works using passive infrared technology. This means it detects heated movement and ignores everything else. While there is still a chance of false alarms occurring from birds, animals and individuals who are simply walking by your mailbox, the sensor can detect when a mail carrier approaches on foot or in a vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that the alarm may go off each time the neighbor walks his or her dog by your home.